Collaborative Project

This time for class, we had to bring in objects that were made by ourselves. The object I brought was an amineko (a crocheted cat doll). Other people in my group, Haley, Paul, and Sam, brought a crocheted ball, paper ball, and a paper crane. These did not give us a major inspiration but it gave us a start to talk about what each of us were good at and what each of us liked doing.

I told my group that I was slightly artistic and that I had experience with creating animations. Sam was able to program very well and he showed a flash game that he created. Haley said that she had experiences with martial arts. Paul jokingly said that he was good at sleeping. While discussing about what each of us like to do and are good at, we came up with the idea that everyone liked food and that became the theme of our project.


The object I brought to class


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