Escape Room Games

Recently I  downloaded a game called White Island on my iPad at home. This game is similar to many of the flash game where the player has to try to leave the room by exploring the room, obtaining certain objects, and using those objects for specific actions. While some of these escape room games can be simple and easy to play, some can take players more than few hours to escape the place.

White Island is some-what similar to an escape room game. The setting of the game is on an island, of course. The player’s professor has been missing for a long time. He goes to an island to explore and research about a correlation between a legend from the island with a strange, rare, white flower that grew in the island. The player and few of his friends also go to the island to find their missing professor. This is where the game starts.

So far, almost all of the residents in the island were killed by mysterious person/people/organization. Two people were killed by a sharp object. The main character was almost killed by a unknown murderer. There was a secret cave underneath an unfinished hospital in the island(this was where the residents were found dead).

Although this game lacks in “action,” it has a great story line, sound, graphics, and effects. The game makes the users use logic to look for certain objects and gives hints to how to use the objects (left-brain). The game also involves big picture concepts such as what is going on with the whole story. This game is a collaborations of the creative story telling and logic. If the user cannot connect some objects, they might be forever stuck on a scene until they realize that they missed a key object somewhere. The game forces users to view every object and event to connect to some big picture in the game.

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