Making a Puzzle – Creative??

Over the weekend I bought a 3D puzzle when I went home. At 12 am last night, my roommate Haley and I tried to finish this puzzle, and we succeeded. 😀

Although we didn’t  “create” the puzzle, the puzzle was, in a way, our creation. Also, it related with the article that we read for class. Haley and I had more fun in the process of making the puzzle, along with some frustrations, rather than finishing the puzzle. We just did it for fun. Instead of working hard and studying at 12 am in the night, we had fun working on a puzzle and went to sleep at 1 am. We probably made faces that were similar to these pictures while in the process of making this puzzle.

Anyways, here is the puzzle we made 😀

Isn’t it pretty?


One response to this post.

  1. I really love that you drew pictures of how you imagined your expressions looked like!


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