6 A.M.

I chose my major based on what I enjoy doing and good at. I was always good in math since I was young and I liked and was good at physics in high school. Since mechanical engineering was heavily based on these two subjects, I chose mechanical engineering. I also liked making things so I thought engineering was a better choice than just majoring in physics or math.

I still don’t know if this is really the thing I want to do for rest of my life. I want to explore more of what I can do. I recently read a book that compared a person’s life (80years as life expectancy) to a 24 hour day. Currently my life clock is at 6 a.m. in the morning. Average person at this time is either sleeping and dreaming or getting ready for their day trying on different clothes or washing up. I still want to dream or try different things on myself.

Anyways, my current goal is to find a job that needs me. If a person feels that he or she belongs to somewhere or needed somewhere, he or she performs better and enjoys their work. I want to have this type of job. I still don’t know what I am really good at. I am still in the process of exploring my talents and my passion. I am still in search for my professional aspiration. But for now, my goal is to become a mechanical engineer and do what I am good at doing, physics and math, and make things that would make people’s lives easier or improved.



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  1. Posted by kylespeight on October 12, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    I like your clock analogy. Interesting way to think about life.


  2. I am not sure about my future,too. But life is fascinating just because it is unknown,right?


  3. I like your last paragraph where you say that people feel better when they are needed and when they belong. I really don’t care (to an extent) what I end up doing if I enjoy it and it pays the bills. But hopefully you will find your passion and be able put it towards some sort of professional aspect!


  4. I am sure that you’ll find your passion soon enough…At least you know that you want to be a problem solver…Some people waste the better part of their life thinking about what they wanna do with their life….Life at tech is going to be a bumpy ride so buckle up …but I am sure that it’ll be worth it in the end


  5. The clock analogy is so true to what we are experiencing as teenagers and college students. 6 am is right before we wake but still a dreaming period. Upon graduation we will “wake up” and enter the professional world. We have these next four years to dream and decide what we want our professional world to be! I am sure you will find your passion while you are here at Georgia Tech and be inspired to do something great in this world. Good luck!


  6. I’m sure that you’ll eventually find a profession that you’ll be completely sure about. Although I’ve stepped into the field of mechanical engineering, i’m not entirely sure that my reasons will hold towards the end of my four years. I really like the idea of the clock though. It really resonates with everything that seems to be going on my life at least. Anyhow, I hope you have a great time at Georgia Tech and find a profession that you have a great deal of passion for. Good luck 🙂


  7. I was intrigued that you like math and science! Those are probably two of my favorite subjects. I also loved the analogy! I actually sat and thought for a good couple of minutes about how that fits into everything in life.


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