2 Cases

I did the 20-10 exercise from the “Meaning” chapter of the book.

Case 1. If I had $20 million

If I had $20 million, I would still do what I’m doing right now. I would compare this situation to summer vacation. During summer vacation, especially during childhood when there is no access to a car for transportation except your parents, people run out of things to do. Eventually, even the students who hated school wants to go back to school or do “work.” People have to do work. I could go off and use the $20 million and travel, eat, buy objects, and do things. First, using money is really easy. Like the Korean saying, using money can be like using water. Although, $20 million can seem like large amount of money, I would probably be able to use it really quickly. Second, I like what I’m doing. I am not at all saying that I like homework or tests. What I am saying is that I like exploring things. I like working hard. It is those little accomplishments that make me happy. Daniel Pink suggests that people are motivated by one’s meaning of life. The way I view meaning of life is the small moments of happiness that people get from everyday events. This is why I think that even if I had $20 million, I would still do what I’m doing right now. The large sum of money will allow me to use my time more interestingly, but it would not change what I would do for the rest of my life.

Case 2. If I had at most 10 years to live

For this case, I would still do what I’m doing right now. However, I will push myself to work harder to accomplish something. The fact that I only have ten years to live will be my motivation. I will be more desperate to be better than myself from yesterday. In addition, I will try to leave something for the people I care about, something that will help them. I will try to be more social. I think I will be a happier person up until I am about to die because every moment will be special and important.


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